One of the definitions Merriam-Webster gives for “abandonment” is “to leave and never return to.”

It’s my biggest fear.

I come by that honestly, I suppose. My dad died when I was a kid. You can draw your own lines between points A & B on that deal.

That’s where some friends who have been pushing me to write have been after me to start exercising the writing muscle.  If I’m following their logic, they think my ability to draw on something emotional will be inspirational and keep my butt in the chair.

It won’t be for publication anywhere but here…

…it’s just a place to start.

So on Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Friday’s for a couple of weeks or so, I’ll be writing memories of my dad and shining a flashlight in the closet of skeletons of my fears.  I’m about to type my first essay…

…so I’ll post one tomorrow after I write, sleep & edit.  Then I’ll follow the M-W-F plan.

Just putting this here so you can all chide me on various social media outlets, text and personal interactions if I somehow fail to keep the schedule.

As an FYI:  I’m really starting to get annoyed with those friends.