In order to start exercising the writing muscle a bit, I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions for top-5 lists.  You know, prompts to get the brain going.  The sixteenth, and last, one is from my friend and concert buddy Kris, who asked for…

Top Five Foo Fighters Songs, RANKED

5. This Is A Call (off “Foo Fighters” in 1995). Oh, man.  The first time I heard this song I thought that this was an exciting progression of grunge. Even the beginning where they included the guitar being plugged into the amp is awesome.  And that chorus?  Are you kidding me?

4. Times Like These (off “Skin N Bones” in 2006).  Sure, everybody likes the one off “One by One” in 2002, but if you’re having a bad day and just need to wallow a bit, the acoustic version is pretty great.  Well, it’s pretty great anyway, but I like the acoustic version better.

3. The Feast and the Famine (off “Sonic Highways” in 2014).  I’m a huge fan of the creative process, and the HBO show let us in behind the scenes on how this song was written.  I resonated with their trip to D.C. and interviewed so many of my “punk” heroes that I probably have this song ranked WAY too high for most people, but hey, I really like the song.

2. Learn to Fly (off “There is Nothing Left To Lose” in 1999). “Hook me up a new revolution/Cause this one is a lie/We sat around laughing and watched the last one die.” It’s a song about being in a good place and putting the past behind you and looking forward to the next phase.  Knowing what we know now about how Dave was coming to terms with his Nirvana past and at the same time excited about his future, well, this song is something I’ve always felt like I related to.  As an aside, I think it has a hymn-like quality that I feel like more people would be into church music if it had this vibe to it.

  1. Monkey Wrench (off “The Colour and The Shape” in 1997). This is inarguable and just science.  Every single thing that make good rock and roll is in the song. Dives right in with a heavy riff. Great stops and starts. Good background vocals. Wall of sound. And that screaming soliloquy in the middle? There isn’t a better Foo Fighters song.