In order to start exercising the writing muscle a bit, I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions for top-5 lists.  You know, prompts to get the brain going.  The fourth one is from my friend David, who suggested…


Top Five Seinfeld Episodes, RANKED

It would be easy to to bring up all the cultural blurbs from Seinfeld like “serenity now,” “kavorka,” “yada yada yada,” the puffy shirt, Pez dispensers, the Soup Nazi, et al, but that doesn’t necessarily make for a great episode.  The top 2 are inarguable as possible some of the greatest sitcom episodes ever made.

  1. The Boyfriend (Episodes 17/18 of Season 3.  As a JFK assassination buff, I lose it every time I hear the “magic loogie theory” and how there had to be a second spitter.
  2. The Contest (Episode 11 of Season 4). When Kremer goes out is hysterical.
  3. Summer of George (Episode 22 of Season 8). This has everything that made Seinfeld great: George at his full George in sweatpants with a severance package from the Yankees & hitting on Marissa Tomei playing frisbee golf, Kremer being a seat filler and winding up at Tony after-parties, Elaine winding up misunderstood by a co-worker (with a great guest cameo by Molly Shannon), and Jerry in an odd dating situation.
  4. The Marine Biologist (Episode 14 of Season 5). When George describes getting the golf ball out of the blowhole of a whale in the final scene, I can’t imagine laughing any harder than I did on the first viewing.
  5. The Pick (Episode 13 of Season 4). Elaine’s Christmas card slip up, Jerry’s telling a model that he didn’t pick his nose at a red light, and Kremer winds up doing underwear modeling for Calvin Klein trying to get a fragrance line going.