In order to start exercising the writing muscle a bit, I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions for top-5 lists.  You know, prompts to get the brain going.  The third one is from my friend Seana, who suggested…

Top Five Dives in Dallas (suggesting places to go for cheap dates, so these aren’t necessarily “dives” per se):

  1. Serious Pizza (Deep Ellum). You can buy it by the slice and you get to hang out in Deep Ellum and watch that wonderful people parade.
  2. Craft & Growler (Fair Park). If you’re there late enough, food truck folks bring the food they’re not wanting to waste right to you and pretty cheap prices.
  3. Sundown at Granada (Greenville). Sit on the patio and enjoy whatever specials they have for food & drink.  Also another fun people watching place…I love going and hanging out right before a concert next door at my favorite concert venue in Dallas.
  4. Dallas Comedy House (Deep Ellum). Kind of a training ground for improv troupes and/or stand up students.  They have family friendly times, too, and it’s even more fun if you have a friend taking classes there for their showcase.
  5. Oddfellows (Bishop Arts District). If the weather is nice you can sit outside and the food is good & reasonably priced…and then for dessert roll around to Emporium Pies.