First of all, let me say that I dig Rob Bell. I don’t really know Rob Bell. But I’ve read Rob Bell’s books. I’ve used his videos in my teaching. I’ve even seen him when he rolled through town doing kind of a one-man soliloquy. I paid money to go, too, and it was worth every penny.

In short, Rob Bell is inspirational for me. You can disagree with him (I do on some things) but that’s neither here nor there. But I read an Christianity Today interview with him this morning and got my brain going.

In response to the question, “Reformation theologians took “vocation,” a word previously only applied to the clergy, and applied it to all believers. They promoted the idea that all work was God’s work. What can we do to reclaim this belief in our communities?”

He responded:

Stop using the word ‘missionary’ and stop sending people out to the ‘mission field.’ Or keep the word, but also commission public school teachers, and dentists, and CPA’s, and construction workers, and those people who take your money at the toll booth. We’re all disciples, all ground is holy, every interaction and conversation is loaded with divine potential, anytime, anywhere. Ordain everyone, call everyone a minister, invite the whole church to be on staff.

Now, as a full-time mission pastor, this is right in my wheelhouse. But I thought I’d crowdsource this one from the patronage…

So, to get your brain going today…

…do you agree/disagree? Why or why not?
…what PRACTICAL steps would be required to do this? What might it look like in our various types of Tribal gatherings if we chose to do this?
…what changes would we have to make or obstacles would our various Tribes have to face to get this going?

There ya go!