From today’s Reclaiming The Mission blog post “World Vision and the Public Sport of Evangelical Infighting” by David Fitch

This [Christians’ public infighting] is because Christians keep acting like we live in Christendom, even though Christendom is passing away. Churches have less and less influence in society, yet we keeping acting like we do. So when we try to exercise power people resent it. And less and less people understand what we’re saying because the common history and language it takes to understand what we’re saying isn’t there any more. This is especially true when it comes to sexual issues. Add to this that Christianity is split between factions, another sign Christendom (unified cultural Christianity) is fading. So now, we have honest disagreements but for some reason we feel the need to go public with them (because we think people still care). Our family feuds go public and as any family knows, there’s a lot going on in our families that should not be broadcast to everyone because not everyone will get it.

Did you catch some of those words?

Churches have less influence in society…
Common history and language isn’t there anymore…
Unified cultural Christianity is fading…

And we are, sadly, quite the spectacle before a watching world. Ugh.

Tough words.

Mood: A strong dose of Evangelical weltschmerz.

Your thoughts?