Some good thoughts from Sammy Rhodes as he echoes much of what I believe about the need to erase the divide evangelicals make between “secular” and “sacred.” Here’s a little snippet to hopefully drive you to his blog article of Nov. 15 entitled, “DC Talk or Girl Talk: What’s a Christian To Do?

Saying only music made by Christians glorifies God is like saying only food made by Christians glorifies God (which would explain why we eat so much Chick-fil-A actually). It reminds me of the time my friend requested Derek Webb’s “Wedding Dress” on their local Christian radio station. The DJ said they couldn’t play that song because it had the word “whore” in it, and that wasn’t very “family friendly.” I wish with all my heart they had said, “You know who else isn’t very family friendly? Jesus. Because he said he came to divide them.”

Well, kids, have at it…