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(special thanks to Alan Hirsch for introducing this video to me)

I know.

I’m asking for about 10 minutes of your time. But watch this video.

Now, I’m not concerned about your views on education reform…at least for my purpose here. What I’m after is the way you think about reforms. There’s a quote at the first minute that says, “They’re trying to meet the future by doing what they did in the past, and along the way they’re alienating millions of kids who don’t see any purpose in going to school.”

Keep that one phrase in mind as you watch the video.

As I said, I’m not really wanting to focus on the paradigms of public education.

I’d like to take the quote above and put it in the context of the way we do church in North America. Like the quote at the 3:25 mark: “This model has caused chaos in many people’s eyes. It’s been great for some. There have been people that have benefited greatly from it…but most people have not.”

So, I’d like to ask you if you think that a case can be made that, just as modern public education is in need of reform, do you think the church in America is in need of reform? If so, wouldn’t this require a new way of thinking? (and didn’t you love his discussion of ADD & medication)

Do you think the idea of the arts and aesthetic experiences could be beneficial to the way we do church in America?

Do you think the church in America would benefit from “divergent thinking” rather than simply creativity? (yeah, you’re gonna have to watch the video…no ways around that, patrons)

How can we apply the idea that collaboration is valuable as well as a cultural understanding of our institution as we implement changes?

Welp…that should be enough to keep you busy for a while…have at it, patrons!