Lent 2013, Entry 25

I think it’s kind of cool that a couple of blogs used my work on their sites recently. Kinda cool to be a guest blogger…

The first two were on ALARM’s ministry site. First, they used my story about orphans in Burundi. The other was a story of an experience I had meeting a volunteer in an African schoolhouse.

The other was on my friend Shawn Small’s personal site. He’s a storyteller/filmmaker/artist/mission experience leader and somehow seems to do them all very well. He asked me for an entry about my experience in observing Lent thus far in 2013.

It was really fun to hit those sites the day that the entries “went live.” I guess it lets me know that some folks find my writing interesting enough to put on their site. I often feel like my ramblings here are just for me and everybody else that comes here just wants to see precisely when it is that the things I’m thinking about are proof that the insanity hit.

Nonetheless, I’m glad to know that for at least 3 entries, it hasn’t. The only writing thing I think could be cooler would be holding a book where my name was on the spine.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with this humble-brag of an entry…