Lent, Entry 18

My church family has a really cool magazine that tells the story of us on a monthly basis. It’s called Chatter and I’m being interviewed for an upcoming issue…for two reasons. First, their missions department is historically very meaningful to this church and second, I’m a new staffer hired to serve that ministry.

Anyway, here are the questions that they e-mailed me…

– First, we just need some basic background info: education, basic professional history, family, etc (this will be part of the article’s intro, not an official “question”):

– You were not an IBCer when you were hired. What about Missions at IBC intrigued you?

– What gets you most excited these days about Missions at IBC?

– We were told to ask you about “Soccer Sunday” and “Red/Blue Ocean.” Is this some sort of fad workout regimen/diet plan?

– Most of us aren’t vocational missionaries. Any tips for living our “regular” lives on mission?

– Sometimes the sheer amount of local and global needs is overwhelming. How does IBC approach them strategically?

– You have a beautiful flowing ponytail. We are envious of its color and texture. What’s your secret?

Now, some long-time patrons of the Diner will be able to answer these questions for me…

…and that gave me kind of an idea:

If YOU had a cool magazine and such and wanted to know what I thought about the subject that interested YOU, what questions would you ask me. And, if you ask them on my FB page or in the comments section here, I’ll answer each and every one!

Have at it, patrons! Looking forward to seeing what you want to know…