Okay, so tomorrow I’m going to start posting a series of essays on the reading I’ve done in the area that has become known as the “missional” church. Before I dive in on that topic, I want to make a few things clear:

First, I’m not making any claim to be an expert in the “missional church.” I’ve simply read about 12 books on the subject in the last 3 years. The essays will be my summarizing thoughts on what I’ve read…no more, no less. There are plenty of authorities out there and you can check out their books and web sites to get deeper into any issues I touch on and I’ll do my best to alert you to those when I think it’d be good to read their works.

Second, there will be some degree of overlap with other entries here at The Diner. I mean, while I was reading those books I was writing down some thoughts in “real time.” So, naturally, you might’ve read snippets here and there of some of the subjects I bring up. In some cases, I intend to link to the full entry, in others I’ll summarize. But try not to get hung up if you’re reading and say, “I’ve heard this before.” You’re likely right, but I’ll try to keep it as fresh as possible.

Lastly, know that much of what I read deeply resonated with me. It seems to be a natural progression from where I started in ministry philosophy which combined with my experience in working for a church gave me a live laboratory to test my philosophies and methodologies as they evolved. I’m not hyper-critical of the suburban church, but I won’t shy away from constructive criticism, either. Know that my observations are given because I care about and love the church deeply, and want the best for it.

So, if those are cool with you, I’ll get on with the business at-hand starting tomorrow. We good with these?