Many of you know that I’m in transition…between what I used to do and what I’m going to do.

Part of the deal is reading all sorts of books on my parachute and making myself a “start up” entrepreneur or trying to somehow be like Steve Jobs. That’s all well and good…and mildly helpful.  But here’s the true heart of the matter after the color of my parachute has been decided and I brand myself for a new job market and I imitate a business icon:

It’s the set of questions I keep asking myself as I take long walks in the beautiful weather (in both Oakland and back here in Texas) and think and pray and try to listen.

These questions come from an interview with an actress/author/professor Susan E. Isaacs:

You should pay attention to what makes your heart ache. What makes you thrilled. I see great movies and I am just thrilled by them. Seeing a great performance or seeing a great story and recognizing great writing…that’s what gets to me. That’s where I feel like that’s the note I want to play. So I would say for someone starting out it’s like the cliche from Chariots of Fire, ‘I run fast and when I run I feel God’s pleasure.’ When do you feel like you’re in your element? Like you were born to do that one thing? Like a labrador retriever. You throw a stick into a lake and that dog is in its element. And I would ask the person, ‘What do you really feel in your heart? When do you feel most alive? When do you feel like there’s something holy and God-given where you are lit up from the inside?’

So, it’s simple today, patrons…

…answer the question.

If you have the fortitude. And they do take fortitude. And apparently…

…more time than I thought.

And if you want to watch the entire 4:42 you can do that here: