…that my friend Lori asked for some recommendations on books and movies from 2011. So, here goes. No list. Just if I could recommend one for each category:
Best book (Christian-related): The Tangible Kingdom by Halter & Smay. A must-read. Best book outside of that arena: The Art of Fielding: A Novel, by Chad Harbach.
…the movies I enjoyed the most: (Documentary) Pearl Jam 20. (Just for Fun) The Muppets. (Award-winner type) Everything Must Go and/or Midnight in Paris.
…best concert I saw in 2011: Frank Turner/Andrew Jackson Jihad/Into It Over It in Dallas. Honorable mention to the Cold War Kids in Oakland. Wish I’d seen the Old 97’s here in Big D at the end of the year as I heard they were incredible.
…best CD I purchased in 2011: Frank Turner’s “England Keep My Bones.” Honorable mention to R.E.M.’s “Collapse Into Now” as well as The Old 97’s “The Grand Theater, Vol. 2.”
…best sports moment of 2011: Watching Wes Byrum’s field goal give my beloved Auburn Tigers the BCS National Championship. Might’ve been the best sports moment of my life.
…worst sports moment of 2011: Game 6 of the World Series. Bottom of then 9th & 10th. Texas Rangers fans now have our moment where we shake our heads, look down, and silently curse whenever somebody says, “Game 6.” Might’ve been the worst sports moment of my life.
…my horoscope two days ago said, “You’re sensitive with words now, even if you don’t think so. Find your voice in the world and spread it to the four corners.” With a re-commitment to the Diner: Done. I don’t feel like messing with the universe.
…that you should run, not walk, to see The Muppets. It’s a reminder of everything that’s good in movie making. Well done, Jason Segal and Amy Adams.  Well done.
…that no TV child star has stayed in the limelight by being a public mess more than Mackenzie Phillips. Now she’s on TV for cleaning out her house a la “Hoarders.”
…that out-of-town vacation throws my post-Christmas clean-up groove off. Decor still up on Jan. 2? I can’t think of a time when it made it past Dec. 27. Feels much better to have it all in the attic now.
…that I really want my own home office.
…that it’s only 7 weeks until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. I could use some baseball.
…that my friends and I discuss how much our children are enjoying their university experiences and we all came to one conclusion: We wish we could go back and be full time students again.
…that it’s almost like the Republican Party forgot there 2012 was an election year with the clowns they’re running out there for their potential nominee. I’m not much for either party but this sideshow makes it hard to take following politics seriously.
…that I need to get on with my day.