So, this year we wanted to get our student ministry in touch with their creative side, and I read a book by Rainn Wilson (yes, Dwight Schrute from “The Office”) who put together a book called “Soul Pancake” in which there were all sorts of practical exercises that anyone could do and feel like an artist.

In fact, take some time and check out Soul Pancake’s Site for yourself. Kind of fun.

Anyway, our students started last month with “Truth Telling” and the idea was to get some sidewalk chalk, graffiti the word “truth” somewhere and then put a Bible notation in which the word “truth” was used, and then take your photo by it. I had the benefit of being in Dungannon, Northern Ireland during that month’s time…and so I was able to find a really cool location for mine:

And the one for the month of August is called “blackout art” where you simply take a sheet of newsprint and highlight whatever you want and add whatever you think will look cool. It’s harder than it sounds…and here’s mine for August. I used a sheet from the New York Times article about two artists I admire from last Sunday.

Here’s my attempt. You might have to actually enlarge and look around, but I think it’ll look better once it’s up in the student art hallway…

So, what do you think?

And, while I’m at it, get out there and try it yourself, eh?