So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that I saw where Social Distortion and Foo Fighters are playing in Atlanta in November. That might be worth an 839 mile drive, man.
…most of us don’t know that we lose $400 per year in the electricity it takes to run a DVR because they suck so much power even when the TV’s off. The awful thing is that set-top boxes that go to sleep cost the same and would save us $220 per year or so, but the cable companies (which admittedly could get them for the same price since everyone in Europe uses them) don’t use them because Americans won’t wait the 45 seconds it takes them to “wake up.” Sometimes, we get what we deserve, man.
…that I got a Kindle and can now read on the elliptical machine. This is NOT a good thing as I read one book in 4 days in time I usually killed watching DVD’s or listening to the radio or sermon podcasts. Much like the iPhone, I could afford the initial investment, but it’s the after-purchase use that could kill me financially (and yes, I’m getting some of the free classics available, but even one of those per month and I’ll be back buying them in a year and a half).
…that I don’t get when any minister says things slow down in the summer. No youth minister gets that, because after graduation, leading a mission trip where 81 of us camped out in the desert with 4 days of driving and a two-week stint leading a trip to Ireland (it ain’t the vacation you think it is when you’re the group leader) and a week of staycation after that to keep my head together, well, it’ll be time for our Fall ministries to kick off.
…that sometimes the Christian community can really be brutal toward those faithful pastors that lead them. I’m seeing that in several situations with colleagues in ministry lately, and it does two things: 1) stun me because I can’t believe people would treat their pastors that way, and 2) well, reminds me that even though I may get under the skin of folks at my church a great deal they haven’t come close to pulling stunts like I’m hearing about. Sometimes, we get what we don’t deserve, man.
…a new life-station: Just had a beer with my daughter’s boyfriend over dinner. I can’t believe she’s old enough to date someone “legal.”
…that I got invited to a Google+ testing thing and even after filling out a profile and all, well, I think I’ve got plenty of social networking going on in my life and I’m not exactly sure how this is an improvement at all.
…I don’t get the sadness about the ending of the shuttle flights by NASA. In fact, I’d much rather get our scientists full-throttle on the business of getting wind/solar/any other power and alternative fuels and going. I mean, if we’ve got money, I’m not too into space right now. I’d rather spend our money, time & energy on things that will work practically here and now right now. We can deal with space later. I mean, if we’re talking about manned flights to Mars or an asteroid, we’ve done all we need to do up there for a while, right? Discuss.
…that I can honestly say I didn’t watch one minute of the trial of Casey Anthony. However, a quote from Boston Globe columnist Joanna Weiss sums up my feelings on the matter: “But too many cable-news talk shows are set up with hosts who channel indignation and guests cast as dueling voices. You don’t get the most airtime by offering a measured point of view.” She also said that “juries consider evidence, not outrage.” So, before you blame the system, folks, maybe you should ask a few pointed questions to the prosecution, right? Discuss.
…that the 10-day forecast for Flower Mound has 10 days all over 100 degrees, never getting below 80. One of my friends described this oppressive heat as the equivalent of winter up north: You stay inside and clean closets and organize stuff. What wears on you isn’t the high temp each day, though. It’s the low-end that never cools off. Even in the Arizona desert on our mission trip, sure it got to 113–for about two hours every day. Then at night it would get into the low-60’s and take 4 or 5 hours after the sun came up to get warm. Not here, man. It just stays hot. Glad I’m going to Belfast for two weeks where the high for the entire time is supposed to be 65, suckers!
…that I’ve lost 30 pounds since I started my diet. That stuff about counting calories and exercising more really works. Who knew? But 10 more pounds to reach my goal, and I’ve heard these are the hardest.
…things look bleak for Auburn’s football team this year. Graduated too many players who were incredible and while they’re talented, they’re young and will struggle. My guess in 8-4 or 7-5. Of course, I remember when those numbers were considered successful for my college’s football team, but the words “defending National Champions” for the first time in 53 years have changed expectations all around.
…that the Old 97’s new CD is incredible. I’m always amazed at bands that have made great music for over 15 years that wallow in relative obscurity while singer-songwriters in Nashville can virtually create money-making stars almost at will. Sometimes we get what we deserve, man.
…I tried to call a lawn-care guy to handle my lawn for July 16 & July 23 while I’m gone and he hasn’t returned my call yet. Know anybody that wants a two-week paying gig to handle my yardwork?
…that I’ve already taken up enough of your valuable time, so I’ll get on with my day.