So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that when I drive by the new DART rail station in Highland Village, I can’t decide if the parking lot is big enough or not. I mean, it might get used a TON. It might not get used at all.

…that the morning paper wasn’t delivered. I clicked the new web page section for subscribers and let them know at 7:34am. The clock is running to see how fast it gets here.

…that my daughters have the most interesting friends.

…that I hope the people at my church who whine on blogs/Facebook incessantly about the President of the United States are spending AT LEAST as much time praying for him. I don’t hold much hope for that, though.

…that, while I’m being politically theological, most Americans don’t balance their political/theological positions on the reality that the current political state of Israel may or may not be the Israel that is mentioned in Scripture. I mean, before 1945, how would some of those passages have been interpreted?

…I’m having a hard time getting into baseball season. I haven’t even been to a game yet and we’re past 1/4th of the year.

…the current school district calendar goofs up summer and is really a waste of time. I mean, the kids haven’t done much by way of education since the end of all the standardized testing and they are being entertained for TWO MORE WEEKS of attendance for things like movies in class and field trips to Six Flags. I think it’s safe to say that classes should end and the graduations take place no later than the first week of June. Everybody’s in vacation mode mentally.

…I know I’m in vacation mode right now since my old grill rusted through and I need to get a new one today.

…that I have watched the Auburn victory over Oregon for the National Championship of college football on DVD several times now, and it’s like a fine wine. I think I’ll appreciate it more the further removed from it I get.

…that I can’t say what I really want to say in this forum. Like there’s a certain local ministry that failed me recently with regard to one of my students and there’s no excuse for how they handled things. But, alas, I’m much better served handling this behind the scenes. Rest assured I will, certain local ministry. Rest assured I will.

…that Frank Turner’s new CD is coming out June 7 and I can’t think of a release I’ve been looking more forward to.

…that I’m halfway to my weight loss goal I set 10 weeks ago, but I’ve hit that time when your body gets used to the routine and so I’ve hit a plateau. Just means I gotta ramp up the game, right?

…that, when I added some yogurt & the flavors I wanted to a shopping list, Kid1 said, “Dad, none of your yogurt is fruit. All of them are flavored like pies.”

…that it’s funny what your kids remember. For example, when my girls were younger and were having friends sleep over, I’d get chocolate donuts with sprinkles and a big box of doughnut holes and chocolate milk for breakfast. I haven’t done it in years. But there were a lot of friends who found their way to our home overnight two nights ago, and the first words from Kid2 upon waking up to fending for herself for breakfast food were, “What, Dad? No donuts and chocolate milk?” I didn’t know we were still doing that. Apparently we are: I fulfilled the request the next day.

…that I think I’ve got another week before the crowds die down and I make a run to In-N-Out Burger that just opened here in the Dallas area. I’ll definitely have to buy t-shirts that have “Texas” below the logo for my family that lives in California.

…that I’ve been reading a lot of good books lately. I should post more quotes. Do you people still like that?

…I wonder if anyone still reads The Diner, anyway.