Interview With My Daughter, Part 5

So, I was at a conference in Atlanta for work and at one of the main sessions, they interviewed the children of well-known ministers about how their parents fulfilled their roles as parents…

…so, I stole the idea from them, recorded the questions and asked my oldest daughter (the youngest declined, wisely, because she still lives in this house & goes to that church) to respond to them. She did, and I’ll ask the questions and have one entry every day this week.

And, for those of you interested, you can check out Kelsey’s personal blog with lots of her art and thoughts…

Question 5: What are the spiritual traits of your parents that you decidedly want to emulate even as you make your faith your own?

“My mother has the spiritual gift of hospitality and I think maybe also encouragement. She has dealt with teenagers in her house since 1988 and there is no sign of that EVER stopping. She is gracious and open and loving to them, and its incredible. I’d take that kind of selflessness in a heart beat.

My father has wisdom and discernment. But the trait he has that I am the most jealous of is his passion for the Word. My dad knows the Word. He reads every day, whether he wants to or not. He analyzes and he breaks it down and he knows his stuff. I’d love to have that kind of desire.”

Tomorrow is the last one!