A Few Quotes From Rick McKinley’s Book

Oh, just some food for thought:

“The issue of relevance is only a problem because we have failed to engage the culture for such a significant period of time that the culture no longer speaks the same language we do. But the problem exists because at some point we stopped being the church that is displaying the kingdom and instead became a church that is hiding the King in the basement, trying to protect Him from the bad world.”

This retreating mentality comes from not asking a better question and because we haven’t thought critically about the answer to that question. What does the church desire? Do we desire Jesus? We cannot assume the answer is yes. Do we want to display the kingdom and live into the love and life of the King? We retreat from the world because we want some level of protection that we were never called to have. In the Kingdom, we are called to be a different kind of community: an unprotective one, a courageous and crucified one, a community of Jesus.”


“Vocation is central to understanding the the role of the church in building the Kingdom. Doctors, nurses and dentists, gifted by the Spirit, come into a new understanding of what they were created for. They are not given those gifts just to have a job and make a living. Their vocation is so much bigger. They are kingdom people first and foremost whose desire to bring healing was given them by God. They didn’t simply come up with the idea to become doctors, nurses, or dentists on their own. These were God-given desires that have become God-given vocations. These desires are central to their personalities. These desires bring them joy and pay the bills. And here in the Kingdom their desires become a key to unlocking heaven on earth, so the greatness of our King is displayed to the world.

What we love to do is significant. We may be tempted to think of our work or passions as “non-spiritual,” but I don’t believe that. I think those desires that move us toward our vocation are central to the Kingdom. When we take what we were made to do and what gives us joy and imagine how God could use that to display His Kingdom, the result is heavenlike.”

(he is using “doctors, nurses and dentists” as examples from an earlier illustration. It could be any vocation, though.)

Well, patrons, there’s a couple of mind vitamins for ya. Have a cup of joe and weigh in on the discussion!