So, yeah…

I started taking this course on creativity and bringing it out in you.

And you aren’t supposed to read ahead and you’re only supposed to one chapter at a time and all that. Say what you want about me, but when I undertake something, I do it exactly the way it’s supposed to be done.

Each week there are these little exercises and such to help you get rid of any kind of creativity “blocks.” You know, like writer’s block or whatever. It’s been kind of fun so far as there are these little surprises in the curriculum that do try to “unblock” you.

This week’s little surprise: Except what’s ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for your job (which, this week for me is one Bible study prep time…most weeks it’s 3)…


No newspapers.
No web pages for reading…or blogs and stuff.
No social networking, like Facebook and Twitter.
No magazines.
No novels.
No anything.

The stupid chapter anticipated my arguments and refuted them in short order.

So that means the little essay series that I started is probably kaput. I can’t imagine it bothers the 30 of you reading this thing every day, though. No comments in an entire week? Yeah. It was probably time to give it up, anyway.

So, starting tonight at midnight, no reading for a week.

For me.

For the first time in probably 15 years I won’t finish a book in…

a week.

Oh, man. Kind of a little mini Fat Tuesday for me tonight, I guess.

See ya next Sunday.