A Major Announcement for 2011!

Okay, patrons.

We’ve been at this a while.

Years of blogs about the news, pop culture, football, family, church, books, music, etc. And part of the reason I slowed down as I felt I’d pretty much I’d touched base on almost every topic to the point that each entry felt repetitive and ground I’d already covered.

But I’ve missed the discipline of writing.

And I thought of something I haven’t done yet:

Read through the entire Bible and add an entry per day based on whatever thoughts and ideas pop into my brain based on what I read…


It’s a big task.

But one that I’m looking forward to…

…and one I hope you’ll come along for the ride with me with comments and such.

I’ll be using a reading plan I discovered in a commentary I have–and it “hops” around the Bible. Tomorrow’s read will be Genesis 1 & 2.

So, pour some coffee and prepare to think and chat a bit, okay?