Reason #53,303 I Enjoy Friendship With My Former Students

So, my friend Abby has a thought provoking blog entry from yesterday. Your life will be better if you read the whole thing.

Anyway, here’s a snippet:

“But I am learning that your twenties (or at least, mine) have and will continue to be a time of listening. Of trying things and seeing if they work, of learning discipline and theology and figuring out who I am, and who God is. And of making real, real decisions. The end goal is not to get to a career, though that might happen. The goal is to walk each day with Jesus. It is also to become more like Jesus, and understand more how I am built to worship Him.”

Now the gist of the entry is that she’d had a conversation with an acquaintance that gave her some advice about enjoying the roller coaster that life gives us. Now, again, if you haven’t already, go read the article.

Anyway, I’m finding that what she’s discovering about her twenties, I’m re-discovering in my forties. Or at least experiencing those things in new ways…

…am I alone in this?