Proud In-Law Alert and Proud Dad Alert All Rolled Into One

It’s been a very big week for the McKinney family…one I’ll probably blog about once a little more time/perspective has transpired. Let’s just say that a senior high school student choosing a college is age appropriate high-level stress, which naturally affects everyone in the family…for about 8 months.

So, Kid1 narrowed her 5 available choices down to one full-blown scholarship to a school she liked, and was awaiting word on a scholarship that would give her a similar deal to the school that she always wanted to go to and loves deeply and was her first choice and she’d cry if she didn’t get to go there and it’s the best place in the history of ever and she’d be the happiest person in the world if she got to go there…

…so every day we checked the mail to see if that scholarship came through. Most days didn’t produce a letter.

As a parent you hope your child gets the thing she wants, but when a really good school already has offered an opportunity to go on their nickel, well, let’s just say that you feel like your kid can’t lose. But you still want her to get what she wants.

Even so, the anxiety built daily and the May 1 deadline was approaching.

Well, the letter came. Well the 2010 equivalent of the letter, which is an internet posting. The scholarship came through. In a huge understatement, there was much rejoicing.

I’ll let my super-proud mother and father in-law tell you what Kid1 chose (the choosing seemed to demand sending t-shirts to family members in Alabama–and California):

Kid1 gets to go where she always wanted to go and dearly loves and she doesn’t have to cry because it’s the best place in the history of ever and…


…this week she’s the happiest person in the world.

And, well, as I’ve said many times before, I lead a charmed life.

And, well, Hook ‘Em, Horns!