My Twisted Sense of Recall

So, Limp Bizkit’s song “Nookie” came on my satellite radio station this morning (which is rapidly becoming one of my BFF’s) and I busted out laughing in my otherwise calm & quiet morning house. Now, if you know the band and the song, well, um, let’s just say at the very least that the song is less than flattering when it comes to a message about relationships between men and women.

Anyway, the reason I had my own LOL moment was because when I saw this video when my girls were younger I couldn’t believe the folks at the Children’s Television Workshop (which is brought to you daily by a letter and a number) did a spoof on it (rivaled only by a Billy Idol look-alike-muppet singing about a “Rebel L”). It was only after a month or so I realized someone else put it together:

But that possibility that they did make it is the very reason I wish I was in their creative brainstorming meetings.