There’s a test that students in Texas take at various points in the educational process. Supposedly, it measures whether or not the students have mastered tasks the government deems appropriate in various disciplines at various ages. You have to pass it or you can’t graduate.

Here in the ‘burbs, students rarely worry about passing. They worry about getting 98% right so their school can get some award from the government.

These awards, in turn, make sure that local property values remain intact or increase, which, in turn, creates more tax revenue.

In fact, when my kids were younger, we’d get reminders sent home to make sure they’d get a good night’s sleep for this important test. This reminder included making sure the kids had a good breakfast, too. I remember the note recommending eggs as a good source of whatever it is that makes the brain work better before taking government-mandated assessments that keep property values going and tax-coffers full.

I thought this was hilarious.

So, I made a production out of making eggs at my house. Can’t have my property values dropping because I didn’t make the eggs.

Well, I’ve been busy at work and all, and the TAKS test more or less slipped my mind. They don’t send school reminders out in high school. If they did, it didn’t make it into my hands.

But last night, Kid2 asked me if I was making the eggs for breakfast today. I said “no,” but I fully intend to. It a dad thing to joke like that. Hey, it’s what we do. But I’m making the eggs, man.

Not because it’s a brain-stimulant.
Not to mock the silly note that came home.
Not to keep property values solid.

But because it’s a reminder of my daughter’s childhood.
A nod to her nice memories in my home.

And we all need that from time to time, don’t you think?

Well, off to scramble…

Happy State Mandated Skills Assessment Day, Everybody!