New Year’s Resolution


I’ve been dreading this.

But I think I’ve got something to write about by way of a book.

The working title is going to be “Pursuing Solomon” and will be a spiritual memoir of sorts, really focusing on the overall spiritual journey with observations from 21 years of professional pastoral ministry. Obviously, it’ll focus on the life and writings of Solomon, so there’ll be a kind of “guide” for folks to read along and maybe journal their own thoughts and such. Or not.

Anyway, the reason I’ve been dreading it is because it’ll require a lot of change personally. We all know that definition of insanity that people parrot that goes something like “doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result,” right? Well, I think maybe blogging about random thoughts that hit my brain (which I imagine I’ll continue with some degree of frequency) early in the morning for the better part of 6 years might’ve gotten me close to the 10,000 hours that Malcom Gladwell says are required to become good at any craft.

So, while I may or may not be good at the craft, maybe it’s time to figure out if the proof is in the pudding.

And, I heard a writer I like talking about how he wrote “spiritual memoir” type books quote some famous writer saying that “the muse honors the working stiff.” In other words, he showed up and wrote every day. At the same time. Knowing that some days the words wouldn’t be used at all. Some days some words would get used. Other days the “muse” showed up and gave him 3 chapters.

Hence, I thought it’d be fun to write “out loud” here at The Diner.

Which means that you’ll have to understand that it’s unedited and rambling and a work in progress. But, at the same time, helpful critiques and insights are highly sought after, kids.


There it is.

And now I’m accountable to the patronage.

You have a job to do now kids, and hold me accountable.

First entry should be Monday.