Vacation, Day 1

Best start to the day: Pastor Mike gave us a ride to the airport for the 6:30am check-in time. He arrived with coffee and donut holes. You can tell he’s a granddad.

Biggest worry that I had all day: If my iPod battery would last long enough to finish the movie I was watching. This reality allowed me to get into vacation mode much more quickly than normal. My kids even commented that “Dad becomes ‘Vacation Dad’ much faster when we take airplanes.'”

On the plane: Watched one movie, one comedy special, and one tv show and finished the book I was well into. That, my friends, is one productive plane ride.

Gotta wait: I knew coming in that the stunning Miss Margaux, as a 2-year-old, takes a little time to warm up to visitors.

Worthwhile wait: After that little time to warm up, it was a full-blown overdose of Blues Clues, Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer interspersed with coloring, playing with farm animals, and building a playhouse.

Easiest observation: George is huge…and his charm/smile is bigger than his size.

Uncle Shane Clueing me In: There’s a channel on his satellite provider that’s called NFL Red Zone or something like that. Basically, it’s a team of people who watch all the NFL games and then show you the most exciting bits at that moment. In effect, it’s channel-surfing with other people showing you what you need to know. Sure, there’s some laziness to it, but how else can you see the Cowboy’s touchdown, followed by the game-winning field goal in Kansas City, followed by the field goal in New York? Awesome.

Already been downtown: Yep. Drove across the Bay Bridge and back twice. To take Kelsey to the Night of Writing Dangerously with Pierced and Tattooed Kristin (it’s for aspiring novelists to encourage and challenge each other for the National Novel Writer’s Month–it’s kind of a big deal in literary circles, and there was dinner and prizes and crowns given out for various achievements involving word counts). The view coming over the bridge and into SF from the East Bay is pretty cool, and watching the streetcars go up and down California Street at night is nice, too. For some reason, big cities are way better than some mountain retreat or whatever, at least for me.

Plan for today: It involves a walk to the park. We need to dress warmly. It’s chilly and sunny and just what the doctor ordered for me. Sweet.