So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that I’m the only person that thinks those commercials with the guy taking away the Miller High Life from rich people are really funny.
…that, anytime I’m with someone who uses the phrase “Socialism never works” (this argument is currently used in political discussions) I’m responding with, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I offer as Exhibit A, the National Football League.” Both are oversimplifications, so I can make the treatment simple.
…that when you start with Muse’s “Uprising” as the song, and then hit the “genius” button on my iTunes, well 6.4 hours of songs I like a whole lot show up.
…that my paper delivery person might be double wrapping due to rain, but at 6:38am, in the words of my maternal grandfather to his paper boy anytime the news was delivered after 6am, “If I wanted the afternoon paper, son, I’d subscribe to it.” Of course, that was a time when cities had two newspapers and kids on bikes delivered them. My paper delivery person drives a cool car and might be a licensed handgun carrier for all I know.
…that some of my friends invited me to a tailgate party for the local high school rivalry game tonight, and for some reason that little note in my e-mail box made me happy. I mean, I like these friends. I’ve known them for years. It’s not like I don’t see them weekly. But when I got the my first response was, “GREAT! That’ll be cool.”
…that I’m the only person that truly, deeply appreciates the reality that we’ve tripled the amount of rainfall in Dallas this month and that I’m in a good mood about it. Now, I wouldn’t mind at all if it took a break for the tailgate and big game festivities tonight.
…that all you bloggers who have posted your little jukebox on your blog, there needs to be a cease and desist order. I don’t mind reading what you’re listening to, but I’m not all that interested in hearing what you like while I’m trying to read what you wrote.
…that all the women in my house seem to be getting increasingly more beautiful with each passing day. This is a blessing beyond words.
…that I’m torn between going to see Davis’ pee-wee hockey game, which is at 12:30pm Sunday. This coincides with the noon Cowboys kick-off. DVR, you say? Well, try to avoid a Cowboys score in Dallas in any public venue…but this rink is attached to a mall and I’ve already been forewarned that the game’ll be on there. Oh, man.
…that I don’t like how Jim’s character on The Office is playing out. Is this what happens to everybody who goes into management?
…that my friends Abby, Bailey and Carlen have all posted blogs I really enjoyed lately–varied lengths and tones, but they’re all good writers. And, if I may say so myself, so has Kid1. Links at left.
…that one of these days I’m actually going to create the blog page I want. I know what I want it to look like. I know how I want it to appear. Man, some days I regret the liberal arts degree.
…that today is one of those days.
…that I’m about to finish week 9 of the 13 week P90X home workout (I finished one cycle and had significant weight loss and dropped in clothes size) and the results are smaller than last time but still noticeable. It takes about an hour a day total…but this has cut my reading time in half. I can’t decide if the physical benefits are worth the mental trade-off I’ve apparently made.
…that I don’t understand people who aren’t from New York who like the Yankees. I wish failure on them in any circumstance, and especially hope for grand failure of not only their entire team, but also the individuals on that team–and none more than A-Rod and Teixeira. A-Rod going 0-for-8 with 6 strikeouts thus far makes me happy. Maybe I have this romantic view of what baseball should be and that view is of a game that really no longer exists, but mercenary millionaires trying to get a championship ring before they quit goes against my grain. I mean, where are the days when Frank Robinson got traded ONCE in a career and a player was identified with ONE team for their career. Give me Willie Mays, Brooks Robinson, Bob Gibson, et al. Of course, we’ll never know what they would’ve done to jump at an 8-year deal with $55 million of guaranteed money.
…that if you’re an Auburn football fan, your heart will break in some form or fashion each and every year. I imagine on my deathbed in like 2035, I’ll say something like, “At least I had 2004, but even then we never got to play for it all.” That’ll be before I get to the really important stuff before I die, maybe like 3 or 4 days before it gets serious. I imagine I’ll know.
…that I wonder if Facebook is killing blogging.
…that while I’m on the subject, I’m letting all of you know that on Facebook I’m not joining any cause you ask me to, and I have no time for fake farming or mafia activity. Please stop asking me. And don’t get me started on quizzes.
…that on November 12, the ladies in my house are going to see the greatness of Regina Spektor at Nokia, and me and Retrophisch are off to see Son Volt at the Granada. Look at the McKinney’s all concert intensive! I do need to note that Retrophisch is taking one for the team here, as I felt the need to make him a disc of Son Volt’s songs and give him some backstory. I hate going to concerts that might be good but I don’t know any of the songs. I’m hoping this show is the transcendent experience Jerry World robbed me of with U2. I think I need to be back in small clubs for that. Hmm. Wonder if that is that same for American churches? That’s a blog topic for another day.
…that my newspaper finally arrived, and while it’s thrown my groove off, I feel like I should get to it. Lots to do today and limited amount of time to do it in if I want to make my tailgate party!