Proud Dad Alert Update

Some of you have been asking for more explanation given my recent Facebook & Twitter updates and all that regarding Kid1. Here’s the deal:

Over the summer, she applied at the Dallas Morning News to be a Student Voices volunteer columnist. After interviews and all that jazz she was selected. There were meetings and such and she got a mentor columnist.

Her first submission had a September 13 deadline. The article was published on September 18 with the headline, Booker T. students need some pedestrian protection.” It was about the dangers of downtown traffic around a high school with no school zone.

Rodger Jones, Editorial Writer for the news, then wrote a follow up under the headline Paydirt! Booker T. in line for school zone! There were temporary lights in place over the weekend to protect students, and the city council decided to push for a permanent marking soon.

There was highlighted by a Power Point slideshow that allowed them to promote their Raise Your Voice columns and how you can be a voice of change.

Then, on Wednesday, there was an Op-Ed piece on the main page giving my daughter “kudos” for her speeding up the process.

And, just when I’d made jokes that it was weird to read a paper and NOT have my daughter’s name in it somewhere, my wife comes in and tells me about how the principal at Booker T. wrote a ‘thank you’ to the DMN.

Suffice to say, it’s been pretty fun watching her have a few of her allotted 15 minutes of fame…