All Or Nothing

On her 18th birthday, Kid1 went with Retrophisch to purchase 18 Lotto tickets. Registering to vote, buying cigarettes and buying lottery tickets is about it when it comes to stuff to do on the 18th. I mean, it’s nothing like 15 when you get your driver’s permit. Or 16 with the license. 21 is obvious. 25 is when the car insurance rates go down, etc.

Anyway, she was kinda bummed that the sales clerk didn’t “card” her. So, she flashed the license to make it official.

Well, in the McKinney household, we have a rule that we only purchase a lottery ticket once it gets over $80 million. I mean, we don’t want to waste our 1 in 25.8 million chance of winning on a paltry $4 million starting drawing, right? Half the time we don’t even know what the lotto winning amount is, so we’ve missed a few of those. But the dollar we spend usually results in over an hour of conversation about what we’ll do with all the money. Hence, the entertainment is worth a buck.

Well, in lieu of the birthday, Kid1 has waived that rule for a prize roughly half that…the drawing is tonight.

So, wish Kid1 well on her last day among us middle class folks!

Or, on behalf of some classroom in West Texas, thanks for the crayons and construction paper and staplers!