Foreshadowing: The Key To Quality Literature

My fraternity brothers used to give me a hard time because all my majors (there were 7 over the course of my undergraduate work) involved heavy doses of reading. Philosophy. English. Psychology. Religion. History. You get the drift. Anyway, they’d come into my room and jokingly ask me if I’d found the instance of “foreshadowing” yet. That’s all they remembered that they were supposed to look for from their high school forays into literature. Business & engineering majors. Sheesh.

Anyway, I mentioned briefly yesterday that Donald Miller (a writer I enjoy who takes normal situations and writes about them from his position in Christ–which is what I started to do here and The Diner and, well, I suck at that. So, now I prattle on about whatever’s kicking around in my brain.) has a new book coming out. He’s doing lots of promotion and such and amping up for book tours so I’m getting all sorts of updates about it.

And, if you want to get a taste of where his new book is headed, you can read his latest blog entry right here.

Your day will be better for it, too.

Don’t judge my writing by his, either.

That’s just not fair.