So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that, for those of you that asked, here’s the link to the sermon I gave at our church on Sunday. Thanks, Barry! And, also, I’m my harshest critic on stuff like that, so I NEVER listen to me speak. However, feel free to fire off constructive criticism.
…I heard that there are now bars and parties where, before you enter, you sign statements and turn in mobile phones/cameras/recorders to a valet, that you will not, under any circumstances, blog or twitter or Facebook or describe anything that went on at that bar or party on the Internet. Yep. It’s come to that.
…some more affluent school districts are choosing to provide a Kindle to their students and downloading textbooks. Over 4 years, it actually saves money. I get it. I like it. But somehow, someway, the less affluent school districts will fall even farther behind.
…I think it’s pretty funny what author Donald Miller is up to for his new book’s September release. He’ll be updating his Twitter feed and Facebook page as to what city he’s hidden two autographed copies of his new book and then folks in those cities go find ’em. I intend to go see him speak when he’s in Dallas in November. I’ve read all his books, but I haven’t heard him talk about ’em.
…I like having meaningful baseball in my city in August. This weekend could determine if it’s meaningful in September.
…bummed about the late Mexico goal yesterday when the U.S. was oh-so-close to getting a point in World Cup qualifying AT Azteca. Even more bummed about our captain saying that it was okay because they needed it more than we did. Umm, Landon. Isn’t World Cup qualifying the most important thing you’ll ever do in your professional life? You only get two or maybe three chances EVER on that stage. I’d think every single one of those 30 games or so would be the highlight of your life. How could anyone want or need a win more?
…Also looking forward to Pearl Jam’s new CD coming out in mid-September.
…wondering if blogging is on serious decline or if it’s actually the fault of The Diner. Readership is down SIGNIFICANTLY.
…things in Juarez don’t seem to be getting any better. I know this is irrelevant to most of you, but I have big decisions to make that affect our student ministry schedule.
…looking for a date movie that’s pretty enjoyable? Try Julie & Julia. If you’re younger, (500) Days of Summer. I was surprised by Julie & Julia. Both are well-done. Looking forward to Paper Hearts coming soon.
…I may have underrated Austin, Texas. My apologies.
…Once again giving serious consideration to torching the old journals. All of them. And starting anew with the new one purchased yesterday. Seems redemptive somehow. Theraputic, somehow.
…not digging the news coming out of Auburn thus far about our chances this season. Sounds like going to a bowl game will be an accomplishment.
…pretty excited about going to visit the higher-order barnstorming Sentz family over Thanksgiving. Yep. Already excited to goof off with the niece and nephew.
…certain roads are starting to re-open in my little burg and it makes me happy that I don’t have to go the long way anymore. I still avoid left-turns onto 407 at all costs.
…I’m annoyed that when they tell us that school starts in late August, well, that’s hogwash. All the extracurriculars cranked up August 1. State legislature, you left a tiny loophole by not requiring the U.I.L. to move to two weeks before the start of school. Either fix it or go back to the old way of doing business. Kids getting out on June 10 is too late.
…I’m pretty stoked about my junior/senior guys Bible study this year. Looking forward to getting that up and running.
…kids got their school schedules yesterday. I have no idea how the local high schools ever educate any students with all the teachers that “suck” or teach “blow off” classes. Are there any good ones? 🙂 Teenagers. Gotta love ’em. Oh yeah, students, do you know that teachers say similar things about you? Hehehehe.
…well, I gotta get on with my day.