And, So, It Begins

Took a road trip to Austin with Kid1. Kid2 came along for grins.

And last night, we ate dinner at a Tex-Mex restaurant that’s a big hit with the locals. There’s a reason it is, too. Kid2 also had a cupcake that is so good a business can make a living off ’em. We took a field trip to fabled 6th street.

But the real reason we’re here starts today: Kid1 checking out the college of communications at the University of Texas.

We’ll be taking several trips to colleges over the next 8 months or so. Kid1 has big decisions about that stuff to make, too.

And this morning we’ll try to determine what is a sales pitch against what is stuff she can really use.

But, since this is the first time we’re at one of these things, it seems like it’s the beginning of something…

…and also the beginning of the end of something.

*deep breath*

Away we go.