One More Mind Vitamin

One last one from Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, on the role of rational apologetics:

“How do we know the power of God? Not primarily through rational argument or healing miracles or political influence or spiritual disciplines or media presence or alternative worship or managerial skill or megachurches or inspirational leaders or sociological theories. Human wisdom does not recognize divine wisdom. We know the power of God through the message of the cross.

This does not mean that there is no place for rational apologetics. But it means that such approaches must be less ambitious. Their role is not to pursuade unbelievers. The role of rational apologetics is to demonstrate that unbelief is a problem of the heart rather than a problem of the head. People may claim that the obstacle to faith is the problem of suffering or the implausibility of miracles or the existence of other religions. The role of rational apologetics is to show that these are not the real causes of unbelief. It is to strip away the excuses and expose the rebellious hearts.”

Just so you know, this is foreshadowing to the sermon I’ll be delivering in the main services at my church on August 9.

Have at it, patrons.