So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that Texans are some of the few people on the planet that talk about how nice it is outside when the temperature drops to 90F at 10:30PM.
…is it me, or does it seem like there aren’t nearly as many good movies this summer as in the last two or three?
…belated “congratulations” go out to my higher-order life-liver sister Jilly and Barnstorming brother-in-law Shane on their 4th anniversary (which was yesterday). Their wedding and reception was big fun and I remember so much of that weekend vividly.
…I’m wondering where all these members of my Tribe were when the previous Republican administration was playing a little fast and loose with the U.S. Constitution. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not much for either of the major political parties in the U.S. But let’s be equal opportunity dissenters, shall we?
…and, let’s be equal opportunity encouragers, shall we? Case-in-point: President Obama’s speech to the NAACP was the stuff of real leadership. Funny how Bill Cosby said these things a few years ago and got raked over the coals, huh?
…as one whose profession allows behind-the-scenes views of wedding ceremony preparations, I’ll be happy when people put as much effort into getting ready for the marriage as they do for a 25 minute slice of time. Think small ceremony, big party, long life, okay? Some people do this well. Others not so much. Of the six I’ve seen this summer, it’s about half and half.
…one of my friend alerted me to something that will help those members of my Tribe who want a real growth opportunity for free: Dallas Seminary is offering 20 classes free on their website. Recommended: “Spiritual Life” and “The Gospels” for those of you who might want to dig a little deeper.
…going to seminary before the Internet means all those notes I had to buy and classes I had to pay a bundle for then are now available for free. If you guys want to reimburse me, well, I’ll cash the check.
…crucial homestand for the Rangers got off to a poor start last night. We’ll really need to make some hay with 12 of 15 games at home.
…it’s only fair that the media make a bigger deal out of tributes to Walter Cronkite moreso than Michael Jackson, don’t you think?
…Auburn picked 5th in the SEC West this year, only ahead of Mississippi State? Suffice to say Auburn relishes the underdog role and I believe will be better than most expect. The talent level CAN’T have dropped that much, can it?
…I have 8 former students who are working at Pine Cove summer camps this summer. Tough gig. Low pay. Big spiritual development, if the past students who’ve gone are any indication. There’s something to “The Pine Cove Way,” man. Their training/staff is top drawer.
…our local high school rivalry game is trying to get the game moved to the new Cowboys stadium this fall. I’m hoping that works out because I think that’s the best chance for me to get a look at it up-close this fall.
…summer feels like it’s flying by, doesn’t it? We just started making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas this week, and we haven’t even gone on vacation yet. I can’t imagine what it’s going to feel like next summer when the school district finishes classes on June 9, with graduation stuff running through the 14th.
…sometimes, hanging out with your dog is the best therapy you can have.
…there’s an art show at my church the next two weekends, which I think is a good idea.
…well, better get on with my Saturday…