iTunes & Amazon, It Would Behoove You To Be A Bit More Vigilant…

I don’t care about all the mining of information iTunes and Amazon has done on me. I buy stuff on their sites. I look at stuff I might buy on their sites. I’ve checked boxes saying I already own something they recommended. In turn, they make recommendations of other stuff on their sites that I might want to buy. It’s understood by all of us that this is how it works.

Now, I’ve purchased every single Son Volt CD…the last two were from iTunes, the first two from Amazon.

So, imagine my surprise when the new CD I thought was coming out later this month was being discussed by some guys on the radio yesterday. They mentioned it came out last Tuesday.

So, I checked the iTunes Store “Genius Just For You” section only to find “Better than Ezra” and “Audioslave” and “Enigma” all posted for me to purchase. I mean, with my taste in music I never scan the “New and Noteworthy” section. That’s all Hannah Montana and Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey and Party Rock compilations.

I mean, all that information you mined of my 66 songs on 5 CD’s and 3.8 hours of Son Volt music taking up 265.6 megabytes of hard drive space and somehow your very own store failed to even recommend something I’d for sure purchase!

However, all was forgiven when I noticed that an obscure little band…no, wait, one of MY all-time favorite bands that happens to toil in obscurity, was highlighted in the “New and Noteworthy” section.


Amazon, you however, have no excuses…two purchases as well as all those boxes checked “I own it?” Come on. At least recommend it, man. If you’re gonna mine my information, let’s at least let it function on the MOST OBVIOUS ones.

Uncool, Amazon. Uncool.