Throwing Off My Groove, Part 2

Remember, I treat horoscopes the same way I treat fortune cookies: Silly fun.

And today’s rating for Aquarius was a 5 out of 10. I’ve never seen anything below a 5, because I guess you can’t very well maintain readership, even if it’s silly-fun readership, if you’re bumming folks out with 2’s and 3’s…and heaven help us if our day was a 1. I guess a zero would mean that all the Virgos die.

Anyway, my day will allegedly be a 5…for all practical purposed the WORST. And the reason: “There’s a logjam out there that will not break up for a while. Find something else to occupy your mind.”

So, the generation gap will NOT be occupying my mind today, that’s for sure.

And whatever logjam is out there, well, I’ll just have to sit and wait, apparently.

But to all you Pisces out there, you got a 10 workin’ for ya today…so rock on!