So, Today I’m Thinking…

…the mission trip to Mississippi got my brain going in all sorts of ways. It was a mixture of laughter and misery, truly needy and systemic manipulators, teenagers and adults–both of whom showed deep spiritual maturity and stupid-head moments, beach devotions and cramped quarters, bad CD mixes and a stirring rendition of “Hey Jude” (that still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. You *had* to be there, but I can count on one hand the times that level of magic has happened on a youth trip), heat/humidity records and restful breezes on the coast at night. It was everything a youth ministry trip should be.
…turns out the Mississippi trip was indeed the right decision as the violence in Juarez is back up to 10 killings per day if the news reports are accurate. They’ve increased military presents by 30% as of yesterday.
…that most of you don’t know the U.S. men’s soccer team is involved in the Confederations Cup (a tune up for next year’s World Cup tournament) and needed to win by 3 goals yesterday and have Brazil beat Italy by 3 goals to move to the next round–a virtual impossibility. The U.S. went up 3-0 at 2:45PM, after Brazil went up 3-0 about five minutes earlier. Switching back and forth for the remaining half hour hoping neither Italy or Egypt score a goal was pretty fun. Now they play Spain (the world’s #1 ranked team) on Wednesday.
…that getting a phone message from your daughter (who is traveling in Europe until early July) because you missed her Father’s Day attempt will cause you not only to smile but replay that same phone message 3 times as well as save it.
…that when your wife has 3 bags of clothes from a cleaned-out closet and says, “These need to go to CCA (a local charity),” even if she never says so, it implies that I should probably have an equal number of bags of clothes done before you make the trip to CCA.
…I think it’s hysterical that native Texans go on vacation to Colorado come back and say how much they “missed the warm weather” of Texas. It was a toasty 97 degrees. To the rest of the world, the word they’d choose for that temperature would be “hot.”
…VBS starts at our church this week and it has a space theme. Our very large lobby at our church was decorated with black wallpaper and planets and rocket ships and black lights in hallways and such. My first reaction was how cool it looked and how creative/hardworking our volunteers are. I actually heard some senior citizens say it looks silly and they should’ve waited until after the services to decorate. One even asked the other, “What would visitors think?” I injected myself into their conversation and said that visitors might think that we had a children’s ministry and wanted to teach them God’s word in a creative and relevant way. I also said a little prayer asking God that if I ever start saying things like that, He would find some way to remind me that serving Christ ain’t about me, but about furthering the Kingdom. Yes, it’s silly in the same awesome way Sesame Street is silly. But I think we all need a little more of similar childlike silly in our lives.
…why does it seem that almost every president makes a much better ex-president? But when they aren’t in the daily political grind and say what they want, those are the things that we seem to need to be doing.
…I purchased a “grunge” playlist from iTunes as a Father’s Day treat for myself and am floored by how much really great music came out of the early-to-mid 90’s.
…I’ve officially had enough of Jon & Kate and their 8. And I’m hoping that anybody that wants their marriage to work might realize that a sure-fire way to keep that from happening would be to be the subject of a reality show.
…with graduation celebrations behind us and the mission trip over, it feels like summer is starting. That and the warm 97 degrees.
…that it’s time to start the next round of P90X.
…I picked up my first pre-season college football preview magazine. All those make me happy.
…I’ve actually got a bunch to do even if it’s my day off, so I need to get on with my day.