On The Road Again

Today, we’re off to the great state of Mississippi. And by “we,” I mean the 87 people who’ve agreed to serve those still in need from the ravages of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

We’ll be doing all sorts of labor that will prepare sites for other skilled crews to come in and finalize homes so families can finally move back in. When we traveled to Juarez, we actually built homes. Apparently, here, there are all sorts of building codes and stuff that have to be adhered to. Go figure.

Anyway, thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Oh, yeah, and if you’re thinking about it, pray for my poor wife. She’ll have 6 entire days (after work, of course) all to herself. I’m sure it’ll be a struggle for her to relax and enjoy the quiet knowing that Kid1 is bounding all over Europe and Kid2/me will be away in Mississippi. Just her and Lloyd with books and movies and a house that stays clean. 🙂

See you guys next week…

(and, oh yeah…don’t be afraid to comment even though I have started moderating them. I’ll eventually get around to it)