Apparently, This Kind Of Thing Happens In Real Life

So, my barnstorming brother-in-law Shane recently had a son with the higher-order life-liver sister Jilly. They’ve been busy with all the kinds of things that keeps parents with two kids under two busy.

I’d had just seen a movie that I felt pretty sure he’d like and I sent him a text message saying that if he had some time to get out and see a movie, this particular one might be a nice two-hour break from the rigors of parenting little ones.

The premise of the movie I thought he’d like involves a bunch of thirtysomethings getting a bit out of control during a bachelor party in Vegas. They actually lose the groom. You don’t have to think…and it’s a pretty wild movie with several moments of genius. It is rated R for a reason, though. My point was that it’s just the kind of movie break he might want to take.

I get an e-mail that was sent 10 minutes after my text.

The comment said that he might eventually get around to seeing the movie, but he was ACTUALLY IN LAS VEGAS getting ready for a bachelor party that very night. It included a picture that said, “this is IN our room”:

It dawned on me at that moment that I’m the kind of person who goes to a movie about bachelor parties in Las Vegas, and my barnstorming brother-in-law is the kind of guy who goes to bachelor parties in Vegas.


A bowling alley in your suite.