I deleted the previous post.

In case you forgot, it was about Memorial Day and a little tribute that I found meaningful.

Here it was:

When Thank You Simply Isn’t Enough

courtesy: Rick McKee, Augusta Chronicle

For reasons I don’t completely understand, the conversation wasn’t about the thankfulness we have for those that served us.

Rather, it became a discussion about the state of things at the church I serve.

Okay. If that’s what folks want to chat about, even if it’s uncomfortable, tense or heated…such is life. Even if this is my personal site, well, have at it.

But, the personal attacks and amateur psychological analyzations of people I care a great deal for were simply too much for my taste. Criticism’s fine. I can take uncomfortable, tense and heated. Most of the time I enjoy creating uncomfortable, tense and heated. Frankly, I can dish it out, too, brother. Don’t believe me? Try me face to face.

Let me say that I deleted the post on my own volition. Deleting the post is the only way to delete the comments. See, I use Haloscan rather than the Blogger-provided commenting feature. Haloscan allows for easier commenting…including and especially anonymous writers. The downside is that you can’t manage the comments, so you gotta delete the whole post if somebody gets out of bounds. However, if I switch, I lose every single comment since The Diner’s inception. Not willing to do that, so I put up with Haloscan’s weaknesses.

Nobody told me I had to delete it. Nobody even suggested I should. Nobody even hinted it might be wise that I take it down.

The Diner’s supposed to be a fun thing for me.

And this entry stopped being fun for me.

So, I took it down.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Believe what you want…and many of you will.

But I know enough when I see it. A line was crossed in this case. I might not know where the line was when we started, but I know where it was at 8:12PM last night.

And that was enough.