So, Today I’m Thinking

…that a former student (who now works writing curriculum for Dave Ramsey) had this on his Twitter yesterday: $13.2 billion is given to churches each year. Americans spend $58 billion on soda each year.
…proof you’ve been in student ministry 21 years: yesterday I was having coffee with a former student getting caught up. She wanted me to quote chapter and verse on something I said, and since I’d forgotten to bring my Bible in she handed me her “Cute-Pink-College-Fit-In-Your-Purse-Small” Bible. While I was flipping the pages (of which two page flips took me past the entire pastoral epistles) she asked, “Is the print too small for you?”
…say what you want about his profanity and how he makes people uncomfortable, but no one can deny Eminem’s talent. It’s overwhelming–and I generally detest rap music.
…strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
…that I’ve been listening to Dick Cheney and Barak Obama discuss the political football that is the detaining of suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. My conclusion: There’s no easy answer and two politicians are kicking a political football back and forth. I know. My GenX is showing.
…BIG segueway: recently, a current student had a school assignment in which they had to “interview someone who is in the demographic labeled Generation X.” He asked all sorts of questions about political movements, pop culture and the like. I remember us GenXers had to interview people who lived through the depression.
…what kind of world do I live in when my daily to-do list for today includes yoga and yardwork?
…I’m kind of excited about teaching our student ministry a course on personal evangelism this summer. My friend Bill found a curriculum that might actually be meaningful (none of this silliness with cubes or wristbands or drawing on napkins we’ve been pawning off as evangelism training for decades) and after looking at it, it’s something I can be excited about.
…take some time to laugh at ourselves in the Christian subculture: Stuff Christians Like and Stuff Christian Culture Likes. Sometimes, the truth is pretty funny.
…I’m fascinated by the full-blown Texan mindset of Jerry Jones as exemplified by the building of the new Cowboys stadium. I’m not even kidding when I tell you to check out the 180′ x 72′ video screen that’ll keep fans up to speed with replays.
…I haven’t finished a book in over a month. My exercise plan seems to have overtaken the hour or two a day I’d spend reading. I’m not sure what to make of the trade.
…still pondering the pursuit of a doctorate. Leaning towards “wait a few more years.” We’ll see.
…everybody on the Texas Rangers bandwagon with their strong start in the first quarter of the season might want to tap the brakes a bit. The first starting pitcher went on the DL today, and June’s schedule brings the best teams baseball to the forefront. They’re better than in the past, but that pointing to 2010 as a year we might seriously contend sounds about right.
…Green Day on Good Morning, America? Not sure how I feel about that. Kind of like how I feel about Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols remaking a song for Guitar Hero. On one hand, a new audience gets exposed to the music, but it still feels like “selling out” rather than getting getting others to “buy in.”
…another big segueway: I have “Pop Culture Pop Quiz” moments with my children to check on the generation gap and how wide it might be. Kid2, age 15, was victimized by this question: Do you know who Jimi Hendrix is? “Nope.” Oh, man. Gotta transfer two more cassettes to CD this weekend. She’ll politely listen and wonder why he was so great. We’ve been down similar roads in the past.
…that I think this little piece of irony is delicious: You’ve seen the commercials where they give somebody $1,500 to buy a computer they need. They “can’t” get what they want at the Apple Store and find way more than they imagined with a Windows-based laptop PC. The advertising agencies involved did all the editing using Apple hardware and software. Again, the only people not going the Mac way are those who jobs depend on Windows PC’s.
…that if you have a high school junior you’ll know that today’s Zitz comic happens daily in your own home. This scene, with an excited parent wowed by the options and a befuddled teenager overwhelmed by those same options, is very real:

…that I need to get on with my day.