P90X Before and After

So, I finished the 90-day in-home workout program P90X. Well, I finished a 90-day cycle. Obviously, you’re supposed to keep doing it after taking a week off. You’re also supposed to make yourself highly accountable by putting it on blogs and telling friends and what-not.

To that end, I made a few training breaks in Las Vegas and on a trip to Alabama. The diet didn’t hold up well in either of those instances. Also, I missed 3 scheduled workouts in the program for the 90 days. I don’t think that’s too bad, though.

Anyway, I finished the first cycle and lost 16 pounds and nearly 4 inches of waistline. I sort of hit a plateau as that’s about where I was on day 60. I checked out the message boards and discovered that I was actually supposed to eat more in the last month or my body would think it was starving and begin to conserve weight. Precision machines, our bodies. I’m embarrassed that I took that less-than-seriously for my entire adult life.

So, here’s where I finished up…and presumably gearing up again next Monday:

Is it embarrassing that the Wii Fit is the most accurate scale in the household?