And Then It Hits You

Kid1 bounded out of the house this morning, excited because, “It’s the last TAKS test I’ll EVER have to take, Dad!” For those not from Texas, that’s the state-mandated test to make sure no child is left behind. It’s the source of much controversy from parents, teachers, students and legislative officials…but yet it goes on.

I was amused by her early-morning enthusiasm. That isn’t always the mood when she leaves for her commute downtown to school.

“Love you, Dad.”

“Love you, too. Have a great day! Come back smarter than you already are & use wisdom.” This is the phrase I’ve used almost daily with them since the girls were in elementary school. I’m sure they’ll make jokes to their children about it. Like we all made fun of the stuff our parents repeated to drill into our brains.


This thought popped into my brain:

“Last TAKS ever. I imagine, as she’s hitting the end of her junior year of high school, I’ll begin to hear a lot of “last time ever” kind of statements over the next year.”

And, while I know it’s time and what should happen and how she’s ready for the next steps and kids are supposed to go their own way and all that and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the empty nest phase like I have all the others and on and on and on…

…it really wouldn’t bother me to hit either “pause” or even “rewind.”

I’ll do my best to keep it together over the next year, patrons.

“Last TAKS test I’l EVER have to take, Dad.”