Pure Life Moment

I heard the phrase somewhere. I don’t remember when.

It was used to describe that moment when everything seemed perfect in your world. It could be anything. The moment before you stepped into the batters box with the bases loaded and two outs. The moment when you laughed with your best friends until your sides hurt. Hearing the first chords of your favorite song being played live by your favorite artist and the crowd roaring. Taking in your first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains after getting out of the lift. When your favorite hockey team skated with the Stanley Cup.

A “pure life moment.” Sometimes they’re grand in scale, like when you waited 38 years for your college football team to run the table and win all their games in one season. Sometimes, they’re smaller but equally meaningful, like hearing your two daughters excitedly yell “Daddy’s home!” when hearing the keys jiggle in the door lock.

I’ve tried to make note of them when they happen, too. Usually I write them down on my hand or a napkin or whatever is handy.

And last night…

…doing nothing, really…

…but watching Thursday night TV shows and sitting on the couch…

…I glanced over at my wife.

Sitting in her red chair.

Laptop in her lap, working on some photography stuff (it’s the time of year when high school seniors get their photos taken) and halfway paying attention to the shows.

And I glanced at her.

And she was strikingly beautiful to me in that moment in time.

And I thought that I was really the luckiest person on the planet. That I’m floored that a woman so talented and beautiful and funny would choose to spend her life with me.

Then Meredith Grey interrupted and we were back to business as usual.

But that moment was beautiful, man.

And I’m glad that after nearly 21 years, in the middle of the ordinary warp and woof of a day, that I can have a pure life moment that reminds me that I’m blessed beyond measure.

I lead a charmed life, man. A charmed life.