Really…I Think This’ll Be Fun

One of my fraternity brothers is on the faculty at The University of North Carolina. We weren’t great friends or anything as he was a couple of years older than me but I always thought he was really funny, we had LOTS in common (especially music and movies) and there’s no question he was destined for big things…we could see that even back then. We keep up via the miracle that is Facebook.

At any rate, on his Facebook page he posted something that his graduating seniors contributed to, entitled, “You Know You Were A Student Of Chris Roush When…” Let’s just say that bright university kids can be quite clever.

So, I thought I’d steal that for The Diner today.

You know…just open it up to the patrons. I think this’ll be pretty good if everybody contributes.

Here we go…

“You Know You’ve Been In Brent McKinney’s Ministry When…”