Like You’re Surprised? Opening Day Images, 2009

The view from our seats. We were under an overhang, which would’ve been perfect in July. But on a 50 degree day with a 20 m.p.h. wind blowing…well, let’s just say it was chilly (I’ve been warmer when skiing). Also, you lost fly balls and had to watch the fielders once that happened. But, hey, we were in, man!

Me and Kid1 stole batting practice from seats in the sun. It was really a nice day there…

Batting practice trying to be in position to catch home runs and still be in the sun. No such luck on the home runs…plenty of luck with the sun.

Here’s the Cowboys new stadium (they’ll share a parking lot with the Rangers). A Cleveland fan (after extolling the intrinsic beauty and downtown setting of the Browns recently completed football venue) said that our new stadium was “ugly and had no character.” A Cowboys fan said, “If by ‘ugly’ and ‘no character’ you mean ‘coolest thing ever made’ then I get what you’re saying.” Followed by the line, “Our replay screens are bigger than Cleveland’s entire stadium.” How Texan is that? Jerry World is an impressive sight, though. Not even kidding:

Sure, it was a little chillier than I would’ve liked.

But it was Opening Day.

And the home team won 9-1.

And hit three home runs (of course, two of them we couldn’t see until they dropped into the stands).

And I got to spend all day with Kid1.

I wish all my days were as close to perfect as that one was.