Sorry, Patrons

I misplaced the camera cord. It may be in the secret little pocket in my suitcase back at the hotel (side note: I’m in NO WAY paying freaking $14.95 per day for WiFi when I can stroll next door to Starbucks and get it for free, kids)…but I’ll check when I get back to the room.

And I was planning on chronicling the entire journey to Las Vegas right here today in the blog, albeit later than usual. You should know by now that when I get to Pacific Time all the entries are going to be later. I got some really fun pictures, too.

But, alas, it’ll have to wait because I’m well, pretty much a cheapskate.

Or forgetful.

But either way the pictures aren’t getting posted today…

Suffice to say that the husbands along on the trip went shopping for the business party that Tracy and her friends were hosting for their suppliers. That was the deal: We do some grunt work in the afternoon for the right to tag along. And, yes, their party was a HUGE success and their little company is getting some serious buzz, which should help as they grow. Yes, folks. Little things matter. And when you throw a party to say “thanks”–with no other agenda other than good will–to the people who usually throw you parties to try to get your business, well, let’s say they sit up and take notice of that little touch.

But, you should all be happy to know that I’m up precisely $20. I cashed out when I doubled my daily allotment yesterday, so it’s house money from here on out.