Favorite Quote?

Music going this morning: An iTunes “Genius Playlist” created by starting with a Widespread Panic song. Loaded bands like the Grateful Dead, Son Volt, and Wilco. Seems like it just fits for a post-storm sunrise. This might be followed by a compilation techno-trance music some friends of mine in Holland gave me.
Mood at the moment: Miffed and on-edge. It could go either way from here, folks. I mean, I’m pretty sure I can be polite on the outside. However, I’m not sure I’d choose to tangle with me today if I were you. Consider yourselves warned.
On the agenda today: A few honey-do’s as the missus and kid2 are off on a plane trip…work related and they’ll be back in a couple of days.

I’m a “quote” person. I don’t keep a running file of them like a couple of people I know, but journals are littered with random insights from a sermon, things that made me laugh, movie quotes, stuff I read. Somebody asked me what my favorite quote of all-time was.

I gave an answer, but the question rattled around in my brain all day…and I think I came up with three to choose from. I’m not sure I could nail down just one.

1 and 1A: From Douglas Coupland.

“A collapsed view of heaven is the price you pay for your comfort.” and
“The only valid viewpoint for any decision is eternity.”

2nd, From Eugene Peterson.

“Spiritual formation is a slow business.” Simple, but profound on about 100 levels.

And finally, from Mark Rosenthal from a graduation speech I saw on C-Span (I know, right?).

“Rabble-rousing is an American birthright. Despite a penchant for middle-class, middle-of-the-road homogeneity, America usually comes around to admiring–and rewarding–those who burn their bridges to convention and safety–and light up the sky in the process.”

So, that’s my four…and I’d be curious to see what the patronage would list as their favorite quotes.

Here’s the rules:

You gotta start by listing the song(s) in your brain and your mood, and then the quote.

*pours coffee and looks forward to hearing the quotes*