Monday Morning Update

The week upcoming: There’s a lot of changes upcoming in our family schedule, as Kid2 is taking a break from dance. We’ll actually have a chance to grab maybe 2 family dinners. We’ve also got Valentine’s Day upcoming and I still do that for not only my wife but my girls, too. I just started doing it when they were little and I’m not sure when that’s supposed to stop or if it’s supposed to stop. I mean, I did an informal survey with my high school female students and they pretty much all said that their dads still did stuff for them. Maybe when the nest empties that goes to just a card. Tracy’s going out of town with her job and taking Kid2 from Wednesday to Friday. So maybe me and Kid1 can enjoy hanging out together.

Where I am at the moment: Settling into the groove. Ministry has warps and woofs that involve the busyness of planning and strategizing followed by the more routine execution of the planning and strategizing. For example, we’d finished up planning in late December and January we had a peculiar schedule due to the timing of the holidays and the Super Bowl. We had a 3-week teaching series that fit into that, then Super Bowl Sunday (which messes with our evening schedule a bit) and last night I started the 14-week high school series. We made a forced change to the Wednesday night Bible study teaching schedule because of the weather-related school closings…so now that all that seems to be behind us, I’m settling into a more consistent groove, which should last for a month until Spring Break in mid-March. After that, it should be a long grind from then until school lets out in June.

On my to-do list this week: Finally getting around to getting the cars fixed from the massive hail storms last spring. I’m glad we waited because now the dent fixers are all wanting work and have plenty of loaner cars to get us where we need to go for a few days. Also, I need to do one minor banking deal to consolidate two savings accounts. Work-wise I need to make some phone calls which will finish up an ordination process plan for one of our candidates so he can be voted on.

Procrastinating about: Nothing really. I do need to get serious about looking at my schedule for some vacation time. I know I’ll want to go see my nephew when he’s born in the spring…and there’s the Outside Lands Music Festival in Golden Gate Park that I want to see the band list and dates for but I’d like to go again. The way my schedule fills up so rapidly I feel like I should nail some stuff down.

Book I’m in the midst of: A David Foster Wallace book of essays. It’s really good, but I haven’t found much time to read more than 10 pages or so at a time. I either get too sleepy to read further or whatever I’m waiting for winds up occurring so I have to stop reading. I haven’t picked up the C.S. Lewis book “God in the Dock” in a week.

Music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: I’m in a weird place musically. Nothing sounds good and everything I listen to goes about 30 seconds into the song and then I decide I’m in the mood for something different. Lately I’ve bailed and just gone with sermon podcasts. I’m really into a good series by Pete Briscoe at a close-by church on Ephesians.

Next trip: Counting down to Vegas. Followed the next weekend by a service opportunity to Pine Cove.

How I’m feeling about this week: Relaxed. I like the consistency that executing the plan brings. The planning is good and creative, but more “artistic” and scattered. The routine seems like a rifle-shot where you know where you’re headed and what you’re about and going in the direction you’re supposed to go.