I’m fascinated by the ability of websites that I “belong” to because they have some sort of deal that can make recommendations for you based on the things you’ve purchased or maybe even browsed. You know, like Amazon or Barnes & Noble or iTunes. Occasionally, the recommendations will get goofed up because I was looking to buy a gift for a friend or family member so their interests will get recommended, but those clear out over a short period of time and they get back to “me” exclusively.

The iTunes store nailed it today. Recommended the new Billy Corgan single as well as Minor Threat’s “Out of Step.” Good calls in music.

Barnes & Noble is usually pretty good. Today, they recommended a baseball book on Joe Torre and his years with the New York Yankees.

And Amazon is always the best because it isn’t music or book specific, but more broad based. Today’s recommendations included a book by Donald Miller released early for their Kindle (and of course, a Kindle is always on my recommendation list–but I don’t think I’m emotionally ready to give up books just yet. As always, I fear the new technology until someone else shows it to me once THEY figured it out.) Also a book on “Revolutionary Parenting.” So, you can see I browse lots of books.

There were also some running shoes and a few training knick-knacks. I chalk that up to my shopping for a fitness plan a few weeks ago.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long DVD was in the mix. D Magazine & Texas Monthly. Wall-E. Chronicles of Narnia.

All on-the-button.

But what was of tremendous concern was the number one recommendation. A book.

Posthumously published collection of the essays of Mike Yaconelli (the youth minister’s youth minister).

It’s entitled…

Getting Fired for the Glory of God.

I imagine that needs some sort of comment or explanation, but the patrons will have to do that. Amazon’s thoughts seem to have run amok today!